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Country: United States of America
State: Minnesota

Last year I got pulled over for DWI. The Officer would not allow me to call an attorney or use the phone and I feel my rights were not given, so i decided to try and fight this. I got an attorney whom I explained to him what I expected and he took my case. He has always made me feel like i was talking to a wall even when i gathered evidence that showed tampering with he has not looked or tried to get phone records that the sheriffs department said I could not have, but the Officer and Prosecution insist that i made a phone call on a phone that needs a code to dial out. I have a copy of me in the immobilizer room that has been modified for sounds and clips inserted, evidence was denied. I took a plea this August of .10 or more bac. on probation for a year ect.... The Sheriffs Department sent me a letter asking me to call to set an appointment for booking and fingerprints in September. I called my Attorney and he sent them a letter refusing cuz the statue said immediately not over a year latter. prosecutor sent a motion to motion to my attorney. the motion was withdrawn at 8:13am on my court date I hadn't called my attorney until 11:00 am on my court day because I was just notified from my attorney by mail the evening before that I had court at 2:00pm that next day. needless to say Dec 1st I got another letter from Sheriffs department saying I have until Dec.16 to call and set up booking and finger prints, On Dec. 8th I got a motion to motion from prosecutor to go to court on Dec.23rd. The co. Prosecutor also submitted an affricate from the lady who sent me the Letters from the sheriffs and handles evidence, co. prosecutor also made an affricate stating accusations and threading that his office was going to charge me monetarily for the expended time they have had to take on my case. Please Give me your advice. I know if I had the means, I would Civil Sue a few people around here. I never knew the law was crooked until the nite I was pulled over ad to watch even the judge has his own laws around here, and my attorney is a bit of a snake too


You may want to try to get the public defender or independent counsel to review everything that is happening; you indeed may be able to sue for damages if they broke the law.
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