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ARRESTER, law of Scotland. One who sues out and obtains an arrestment of his debtor's goods or movable obligations. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 1.

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In practical terms, the lack of a spark arrester is not likely to be a safety problem if you are only burning gas.
Application of a New Surge Arrester Model in Protection Studies Concerning Switching Surges".
The aircraft is specifically designed for take off from a 14-degree ramp on the aircraft carrier deck and use the Arrester Hook System to facilitate landing within the deck length of 90 meters.
Although the IEEE model provided an accurate approximation of the surge arrester behavior, its main draw-back was the complexity of using this model to approximate the surge arrester characteristic using data provided by the manufacturer.
As the arrester wires were not repositioned, only touch and go landings could be made.
The arrester in question disabled the substation even though there was no lightning, he said.
If your pipes bang when the timers shut off, install a screw-on arrester in front of the timer.
The 18-year-old was cited for operating an off-road vehicle without a spark arrester, Forests & People magazine said.
Walker Engineering, manufacturer of the Walker AirSep closed crankcase system, has introduced a new spark arrester package for Caterpillar 3520 gas-fired gen-sets.
With a watertight, die-cast housing and built-in surge arrester, the unit is designed for installation in harsh environments.