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ARRESTER, law of Scotland. One who sues out and obtains an arrestment of his debtor's goods or movable obligations. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Ogugu said that the arresters would not only save learners' lives but also those of residents whose homes neighbour the institutions.
The airport authority said that NAIA lightning arresters have a spherical or dome coverage of 100 meters.
NAIA lightning arresters have a spherical (or dome) coverage of 100 meters.
'A lightning surge is captured by the array of arresters and the electrical charges are directed into the ground which absorbs it,' Monreal explained.
In a statement, Miaa general manager Ed Monreal said that 20 lightning arresters were installed at the four Naia terminals and nearby buildings.
[ClickPress, Wed Jun 19 2019] The development in energy generation and oil & gas sectors has prompted the higher reception of equipment, for example, Deflagration Flame Arresters Market , whose proposed capacity is to permit flow, however, keep the transmission of flame from either explosion or deflagration.
Vilite dischargers are morally obsolete and are in fact out of production; porcelain surge arresters have several disadvantages: insufficient tightness of the connection between a porcelain tire and a metal flange, high explosion hazard, large dimensions and weight.
Elfab says further advantages can be achieved with the combination of Elfab's breather valves together with its new generation of flame arresters and both are fully approved and tested to the highest possible standards and all these benefits lead to a cost-effective, superior performance solution and industry best lead-times.
In general terminology, upstream SPD is usually called "arrester", while SPD located near equipment (as standalone device) is usually called "suppressor".
The new VAL-MS-TI/T2 varistor-based lightning arresters from Phoenix Contact are rated for Type 1 lightning strike events with a measured 10/350 ps test current (limp) of 12.5 kA or Type 2 surge events with a measured 8/20 gs maximum discharge surge current (Imax) of 50 kA.
The most effective protection against overvoltages in a MV network is therefore the use of surge arresters in the vicinity of the electrical equipment [5-9].