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ARRESTER, law of Scotland. One who sues out and obtains an arrestment of his debtor's goods or movable obligations. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 1.

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Elfab says further advantages can be achieved with the combination of Elfab's breather valves together with its new generation of flame arresters and both are fully approved and tested to the highest possible standards and all these benefits lead to a cost-effective, superior performance solution and industry best lead-times.
It is advisable to take cognizance of all such reflections and refractions while carrying out the engineering for a surge protection scheme and deciding the location for the surge arresters.
PMU students were engaged throughout the visit, and were keen to know operation and application of substation equipment ranging from circuit breakers, surge arresters, instrument transformers and voltage control to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.
The arrester in question disabled the substation even though there was no lightning, he said.
Make sure you remove arresters in the fall if you live in the frost belt.
has introduced its Lead-free and RoHS compliant SL0902 Series as an addition to its Greentube[TM] family of proprietary gas plasma arresters (Gas Discharge Tube or GDT).
The discount is offered for homeowners who install a system that includes a lightning rod, surge arresters for the electrical entrance and surge suppressors for the resident's electronic devices.
The UK factory's overhead gantry, which houses product weighers and arresters, was too cumbersome to be moved, so Rutland designed a new gantry, which incorporates their cross-feed, conveyor system with its 'raking' feature, to ensure a constant level of product moving to the Multipond weighers.
We have now carried out modifications on each of our 16 vehicles by fitting new improved surge arresters, at a total cost of around pounds 2,000.
A silicone robber compound is said to be the key to improved lightning protection and longer service life in distribution arresters.