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ARRESTER, law of Scotland. One who sues out and obtains an arrestment of his debtor's goods or movable obligations. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 1.

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The joining of the magnetics, reed relay and surge arrester divisions of CP Clare with Sumida forms a major new technology company ideally positioned and focused to facilitate high tech companies to build better products for their customers," he said.
A lightning protection system installed in accordance with UL Listing requirements includes protection of the building by surge arresters on the electrical system as well as air terminals on the structure.
Operators in Eastern Washington are required under summer fire rules to have a fire extinguisher, fire tools and spark arresters on spark-emitting equipment.
Tenders are invited for supply of 30 kv, 10 ka station type surge arresters (lightning arresters)
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 33Kv And 11Kv Lightening Arresters For 33-11Kv Sub Stations And Overhead Electric Distribution Lines Of 33Kv And 11Kv For R Apdrp Part B Meerut Town Of Pvvnl
Louis facility; its reed relays and surge arresters will be manufactured at Sumida's existing manufacturing facility in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Tender notice number : DGVCL/SP/10018/ 11KV Polymeric Surge Arresters
Protectoseal's Sales, Customer Service and Engineering departments are prepared to help you select the best tank vents, tank blanketing valves, and flame and detonation arresters for your vapor control requirements.
And most of the areas that are off limits to off-road vehicles are high fire-risk zones, so it's a dangerous situation if the dirt bikes don't have spark arresters.
the new Toshiba-Mitsubishi Electric joint venture for electrical transmission & distribution), is a manufacturing, engineering, and sales company providing high voltage power circuit breakers, gas insulated substations, large power transformers, surge arresters, power electronics based technologies (FACTS & HVDC), power systems engineering services, and other transmission and distribution systems to the electric utility industry.
REMtech Corporation, a driving force in the fields of advanced magnetics, reed relays, surge arresters, automotive coils and other electronic components, today announced that, effective Jan.
There are a significant percentage of the utility industry's lightning arresters in failed condition.