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10) The fact of the arrest, the charges, and information about the suspect are entered into computerized databases with national links, and therefore are available far beyond the arresting agency.
For example, the most complete entry I looked at on March 16 included the date of the arrest, time of the arrest, location, booking type, 13-digit arrest number, name of the arresting officer, name of the booking officer, status of the arrest, date and time of release, who set the bail, who provided the bail, bail amount, arrestees' name, sex, race, age, list of charges, statute under which the person was arrested, the violation, legal description.
The NYPD's focus on arresting young people who have no criminal records simply to charge them with possession of small amounts of marijuana violates the intent of New York State Law.
By arresting Galperin and Rocek, DiJiacomo deprived them of their Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizure, the suit says.
Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of arresting a group of companions when the officer has reason to believe that at least one or more is involved in criminal activity but does not have information to identify with certainty who may be the culprit.
Their attacks on arresting officers are less significant as "opposition" to the reformation of manners campaign than as evidence of the real power that it possessed.
Hixon told the Reporter this fail that a formal investigation had shown that the three arresting officers violated many procedures.
When British Prime Minister Tony Blair came to power in 1997, he initiated a policy of forcibly arresting war-crimes indictees in the British sector of Bosnia.
However, the government's secret police closely monitor all Internet traffic that passes through these portals and have had little trouble identifying and arresting those expressing opinions deviating from Communist Party doctrine.
The Iraq police commandos are arresting Iraqi journalists for doing their work," says Ibraheem Al-Saraj, head of the Association for Defending Iraqi Journalists' Rights.