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Few novelists can arrestingly channel the voice of a neglected fourteen-year-old boy, half street urchin, half spiritual shaman, and emerge with an engaging first-person narrative that doesn't drip with sentimentality or patronize teen culture.
Yes, meet ITV1's daytime Crime Stories - a programme so arrestingly bad it's criminal.
SUBWAY SPLASHBACK When we came across this steel subway tile we stopped in our tracks, blown away by its reflective finish that is arrestingly gorgeous and helps bounce light, making the kitchen appear more spacious.
His 'largo', opening with arrestingly sombre pedalling, created a genuine hush.
His photographs range from scanned archival images to romantic, nocturnal landscapes to arrestingly beautiful lightboxes.
From June 25 to July 6, she takes the company's arrestingly distorted style to the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, leading a two-week workshop in Gallim repertoire as part of the Center's Summer Session.
She is unique in her wide range and florid style, which she complements with an arrestingly warm and charming personality.
Papageno is such a ditzy character, intent on getting laughs, that it's sometimes easy to overlook the voice, but baritone Michael Mayes sang arrestingly.
I just have to comment on the arrestingly beautiful statement written by rap artist Shyne about what it means to be Jewish.
Lipstadt's chief conclusion--that it was the 'hearing' afforded the survivors, not the 'telling' of their stories, that was 'entirely new' about the Eichmann trial, and its 'most significant legacy'--is not arrestingly novel.
It may or may not fly, but it is arrestingly novel: If negotiations fail -- so Fayyad says -- sometime in 2011 the Palestinians should declare independence unilaterally.
Julius arrestingly argues that we might compare the anti-Semite to someone who drops litter on one's lawn: 'You will not be interested in the character and motivation of the litterbug; you will not want to scrutinise the litter before depositing it in your dustbin: Dealing with anti-Semites, argues Julius, is not a Jewish vocation, but a time-consuming and frightening chore.