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The majority of the movie watching/star-spotting activity goes on around Potsdamer Platz, formerly a scrubby wasteland after the war, now a collection of arrestingly modern offices, hotels and cinemas -including the Berlinale Palast where the glitziest premieres are held - atop cafes, restaurants, shops.
She is arrestingly beautiful - 5ft 7 inches of genetic perfection in tight leather trousers, black stiletto boots and a sleeveless Clash T-shirt, revealing toned arms that look like a couple of Twiglets.
Where else, for instance, could you recently have seen Felicity Kendal in David Hare's Amy's View, arrestingly directed by Sir Peter Hall?
more arrestingly than he ever had, working painstakingly, drawing and applying paint and scraping it away, trying to get the faces just right and then reducing them to haunting, ghostly traces: newsmaker Shrouds of Turin.
There's some arrestingly cheap metal going through British Car Auctions this month.
THE VERDICT The Other Guys is an arrestingly funny romp packed with some hilarious moments as straight-laced Will Ferrell is teamed up with his ever-angry hotshot partner Mark Wahlberg.
Inaccessible and off-limits, the arrestingly beautiful location--in which the artist appears to have made no physical intervention--seems to belong to a world and time apart, far from most other sites frequented by hordes of visitors.
He delivers drollery dead-pan, on the wings of an arrestingly gnarled accent.
And this is too bad, because even when it fails, ``The Woman and the Ape'' has many arrestingly stylish and inventive passages and an overall brilliance of tone that shows once again the originality of Hoeg's voice.
It began arrestingly, in almost Wagnerian fashion, with plenty of bloom in the strings and warmth from the brasses, and the ensemble was as tight as could be.