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Based on the partial record presented by DOT Regional Director Helen Catalbas Tuesday, Western Visayas has 5,436,720 arrivals, which is 300,000 higher than 2016 figure.
5 million tourist arrivals target which was set for last year, as the industry fell short of the arrival target in 2017.
PCGA said that the report does not include cotton arrivals at district Kasur as statistics from the district did not reach PCGA.
First of all, one should notice that the visa approval letter which is sent to his/her via email as an official permission to get on board and fly to Vietnam to get the visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, not the travel agent even though he/she works with it.
Cotton arrivals from Punjab were recorded at 1,979,291 bales, up by 32.
Arrival of Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the EC
This is the third consecutive year in which foreign arrivals growth has remained positive for the region.
The following are the other important highlights of Visa on Arrivals issued during March 2013:
Nepal Tourism Board officials said tourist arrival by air used to be over 1,100 daily before the strike with the departure being at the same ratio.
Hill suggests that complex reading of Beowulf's psychological arrival at the state of battle readiness is often lost to contemporary readers because they rush through the ending.
As for arrivals measured in square feet rather than pounds, Silverstein didn't have anything to report.
Kelly and MacPhee [13] prove that for an acknowledgment based random access scheme there exists a critical arrival rate [v.