arrive at an agreement

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There is no real will to arrive at an agreement and positions are still quite far apart," he pointed out.
It is a difficult issue, an important issue, and we hope that through the ongoing dialogue we will arrive at an agreement," he said.
And that is the only way that we are going to get to an agreement, and that is why the President is realistic about how difficult it will be to arrive at an agreement.
He explained that having to depend on tankers was the most serious problem in the area as it was difficult to arrive at an agreement with such people.
The tremendous improvement in the mobile site got us back to the table, and we worked with Move to arrive at an agreement where both organizations could see benefit.
There is a Grand Deal waiting to be done between the US and Iran, if they can arrive at an agreement over Tehran's troubled nuclear programme.
Maghazi pointed in press statements on Sunday that his delegation received political instructions to engage in talks with Ethiopia with an open heart, saying Egypt sees that negotiations is the only available option to arrive at an agreement on the issue.
He said the previous general session had discussed the idea of a consultative meeting between representatives, aiming to save time and arrive at an agreement on various issues.
Michel Barnier urged the euro nations to arrive at an agreement on the draft law on decision-making.
The editorial says that as a first step, the PCB brass needs to arrive at an agreement with the ICC on acceptable security benchmarks, and for this to happen, there has to be close liaison between the ICC Security Unit and the Pakistan Government.
It is necessary to arrive at an agreement, adopt an implementation plan, and make sure that what is envisaged in the document for the first few weeks is really applied on the ground, Dacic stressed.
In the town of Ras Blbek, Melkite Bishop Elias Rahhal called on government officials to consult their "minds and consciences and remain distant from selfishness, and arrive at an agreement that will allow our nation and our people to be one, irrespective of their political and sectarian affiliations.