arrive at the truth

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They wanted to arrive at the truth, first, about the nature of justice and injustice, and secondly, about their relative advantages.
Cavendish, we are here to arrive at the truth of this matter, and welcome anything that may lead to further elucidation.
From such undeniable testimony did the practised woodsman arrive at the truth, with nearly as much certainty and precision as if he had been a witness of all those events which his ingenuity so easily elucidated.
But her ladyship possessed one immense advantage over her brother-in-law in attempting to arrive at the truth.
I do not consider that it is hopeless to arrive at the truth.
By all means, let the investigations proceed and let all sides be heard until we arrive at the truth, until we can make a fair judgment and until we have made all accountable.
He added: "I am determined to shine the brightest of lights into the darkest of places, so we arrive at the truth and have true accountability.
In doing so, it has absolute confidence in the legal system to arrive at the truth.
We must unequivocally demonstrate that we are still a nation governed by the rule of law and that we will exhaust all efforts to arrive at the truth,' Robredo said.
Pure insight cannot arrive at the truth that it seeks and ultimately reduces all things to utility.
It urged the media to take information regarding the national decision-making process from the makers of these decisions before starting to analyze or interpret these, "to arrive at the truth and avoid inaccurate analysis that could often play into the hands of those with ill-intentioned minds and malicious private agendas aimed to undermine national unity".
The IPL angle is relevant and will be probed as the objective is to arrive at the truth," Bassi added.