arrive at the truth

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Cavendish, we are here to arrive at the truth of this matter, and welcome anything that may lead to further elucidation.
But her ladyship possessed one immense advantage over her brother-in-law in attempting to arrive at the truth.
I do not consider that it is hopeless to arrive at the truth.
The IPL angle is relevant and will be probed as the objective is to arrive at the truth," Bassi added.
In response to a question on whether the Dink investigation will be turned into a case used to try the Hizmet-affiliated police officers, Bakyrcyoy-lu said the prosecutors must assess the powers and duties of all the related public officials in the case, as well as their possible role in the murder, in order to arrive at the truth.
Supporters say it is a way to provide justice and arrive at the truth of why a marriage failed.
At the behest of prosecutors determined to arrive at the truth, various judges have initiated legal proceedings against journalists and media companies accused of working with the regime's publicity and intelligence apparatus to broadcast, both in and outside Argentina, a false, bucolic image of a nation whose dictators were committed to "re-educating the subversives in order to return them to society mentally sound," as the daily Clarin explained in an article published Dec.
And that's just the opening of The Containment Zone: for what happens within the borders of a closed land is really the heart of the story; and within this heart lies a cast of survivors determined to arrive at the truth of what has happened and why.
at the CII National Conference and Annual Session 2014 here on Thursday, Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express and the Express Group of Publications Citing some examples, "Journalism is a profession of patience, of scrutiny to arrive at the truth, not activism.
According to Munger, Darwin wasn't abnormally smart, but his approach to science was far more pragmatic, at least if your goal is to arrive at the truth.
The NDA's former Finance Minister feared, "We will not be able to arrive at the truth and the whole effort will be wasted in concealing the truth.
Om-Ra-Seti's interdisciplinary research and approach seeks to arrive at the truth embedded in a number of factors that are coming together in epic proportions: the global sovereign debt crisis; the rise of China; America's mountain of debt, domestic economic decline and its bloated military budget; the intensity and impact of unknown economic X factors such as natural disasters; and the continued emergence of the Information Age Revolution.