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5.10am I arrive at Queen Street Station in Glasgow.
| 11.45: The Prince of Wales arrives at the Galilee Porch.
Bahrain -Cochin - Bahrain daily flight IX 474 leaves Bahrain at 18:40 hrs and arrives Cochin at 05:10 and IX 473 departs Cochin at 14:05, and arrives Bahrain at 17:40 hrs.
Naomie Harris arrives at the world premiere of 'Skyfall'
8.15am-9.45: The general congregation will arrive at the Great North Door of Westminster Abbey.
8.15am The general congregation begins to arrive at the Great North Door of Westminster Abbey.
9.30pm - Nick Clegg arrives at a meeting of Liberal Democrat MPs.
12.30pm: The couple arrive at the Guildhall for the civil ceremony
As spring gathers, though, a threat to this community's traditional means of livelihood will begin to arrive. Hypoxia, or severe oxygen depletion, is forcing aquatic animals to flee their homes.
The first permanent English settlers arrive at Jamestown, Virginia.
CHEPSTOW Racecourse is encouraging race-goers to arrive early at the Coral Eurobet Welsh National on Thursday, December 27 - and is giving away free passes to all race meetings in 2002 to 10 lucky people who arrive before 11am.