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Don't expect this arrogant, nasty women and her Government to change theirs.
He said the Day provided an opportunity for the nation to voice its protest against the arrogant powers who for the past six decades have tried to erase Palestine from the world map.
However, until arrogant politicians start listening to the people who place them in office, I am sure the popularity of the UKIP will grow.
Targeting Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, Modi said, "Congress leaders are arrogant.
This arrogant parker blocked the entry and exit road number 2614 for hours leaving other drivers blocked in.
An arrogant portrayal with time to spare An assured return whatever might befall.
Arrogant leaders experience lower task performance and reduce positive work culture.
Andrea Orcel said that the industry had probably become 'too arrogant, too self convinced that things were correct the way they were'.
Let's hope that David Cameron, the man she referred to as an "arrogant posh boy", will have a not-so-quiet word in the ear of the equally arrogant Ms Dorries on her return from Down Under.
He said arrogant and hegemonic powers changed their slogans and masks after they were driven out but they have made no change in their objectives and plans.
Summary: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has questionned the September 11 attacks and called the West arrogant, prompting a walkout.
administration responsible "because it serves its arrogant projects by fueling conflicts and divisions while Muslims and Christians are concerned with cooperating.