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Arrogate finished in a dead-heat for fifth with Gunnevera, done in
The 2016 Longines World's Best Racehorse, Arrogate, is the headline attraction as he bids to emulate last year's winner and 2016 American Horse of the Year, California Chrome.
Art Sherman's superstar opened up a gap on the Khalid Abdullahowned Arrogate, but the young pretender would not be denied under Mike Smith, to give trainer Bob Baffert a third Classic victory in a row.
A principle more important than copayments and prescription drug coverage is at stake: Does Congress have the power to arrogate to itself the power to regulate one-sixth of the nation's economy under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution?
I would like to add to the voices oi those who have stood steadfastly against the wiles of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who still wants to arrogate to himself the right to dictate to African leaders what to do with gay rights on the continent (NA, Dec).
They arrogate to themselves the exclusive right to define the role of the Jewish people in Israel.
The politburo of the PSL took note, during a meeting held on Friday under the chairmanship of its secretary-general Mondher Thabet, that, at a time when the world is getting further close to rapprochement, there still are some ill- assorted sides who are navigating against the stream and seeking to arrogate themselves the right to censor States, in a flagrant violation of international conventions that organise and guarantee the sovereignty of States.
He rejected the Justice Department's claim that asymmetrical rules are necessary to "level electoral opportunities," saying that argument "has ominous implications because it would permit Congress to arrogate the voters' authority to evaluate the strengths of candidates competing for office.
Consultants Doherty and Guyler offer the basics on workplace mediation for those whose job it is to anticipate, arrogate and diffuse conflicts.
My main caveat is that if you look for example at the outstandingly successful mayor of Watford, she is successful in part because she hasn't been tempted to do what some other mayors have done, which is to arrogate so much power to herself that people start resenting the over-concentration of power in the hands of one person.
Seven people have taken part in the study, funded by the Stroke Association, but university researchers hope to treat 30 stroke patients in this way before presenting their initial findings at the first UK Stroke Forum, being held in Arrogate, Yorkshire, in December.
But who on earth do the Americans think they are, to arrogate to themselves the right to ostracise politicians they don't like from other countries.