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Yet Mursi's real error was to believe that he had a mandate to govern as he saw fit -- even to try and assume, in the end unsuccessfully, thanks to popular protests, dictatorial powers greater even than Mubarak had dared arrogate to himself.
It is driven [by] an open invitation to local authorities and local communities to tell us what kind of powers they want to arrogate to themselves from Whitehall.
Observers say the ongoing tribal clashes express also the intention of the militias who fought against rebels to arrogate more lands.
In the name of what principle do we arrogate ourselves the right to deprive children of having a father and a mother?
The state, especially a welfare state which is governed by the rule of law, cannot arrogate itself to a status beyond one that is provided by the Constitution," it said.
I would like to add to the voices oi those who have stood steadfastly against the wiles of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who still wants to arrogate to himself the right to dictate to African leaders what to do with gay rights on the continent (NA, Dec).
This model postulates incentives for bureaucrats both to arrogate power and to do good work.
Although this freedom of will and choice that man possesses, does not automatically make him the real owner of all the energies and resources on which he has command, it does mean that he is free to acknowledge the Sovereignty of Almighty God and His Lordship in his own life and belongings or refuse to acknowledge it and to arrogate to himself the position of total independence.
They arrogate to themselves the exclusive right to define the role of the Jewish people in Israel.
The politburo of the PSL took note, during a meeting held on Friday under the chairmanship of its secretary-general Mondher Thabet, that, at a time when the world is getting further close to rapprochement, there still are some ill- assorted sides who are navigating against the stream and seeking to arrogate themselves the right to censor States, in a flagrant violation of international conventions that organise and guarantee the sovereignty of States.
He rejected the Justice Department's claim that asymmetrical rules are necessary to "level electoral opportunities," saying that argument "has ominous implications because it would permit Congress to arrogate the voters' authority to evaluate the strengths of candidates competing for office.
Consultants Doherty and Guyler offer the basics on workplace mediation for those whose job it is to anticipate, arrogate and diffuse conflicts.