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This raises the question: is it right to force-feed societies that refuse to swallow the pill of democ racy at a rapid pace, determined by those who have arrogated themselves the power to feed other societies with their values, without taking into account the unique settings and existing variables of the host society, as we have witnessed in Libya?
It is surprising that Sudan as a member of the United Nations has arrogated itself to threaten the sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan through military invasion.
Many of our colleagues felt exploited and hurt while others felt victorious, and only a handful arrogated to themselves the role of custodians of the independence of the judiciary.
The operation of Keynesian economic ethos in the 1950s and 1960s arrogated a preponderant role to the African state--subsequently metamorphozing it into a monster obstructive and inimical to socio-economic and political transformation.
Nasrallah and his rivals and partners atop the political leadership here have arrogated the public sphere at the expense of the institutions of the state.
You have also arrogated unto yourself powers and authority beyond your official capacity that put the MILF in bad light and odd stance," the MILF's suspension order told Kabalu.
In effect, rather than according serious room for decision-making to his prime minister, FranE*ois Fillon, or to Fillon's cabinet, Sarkozy has arrogated almost every lever of power to himself and his advisers within the [euro][umlaut]lysE[umlaut]e Palace.
Assets from 10 Argentinian private pensions funds will be arrogated, adding more than $4bn annually to to the government.
A look at his key men and women both within and outside his government and what they are capable of doing if reassured of the untouchable status they have arrogated themselves through a second term should send shivers down any spine.
Cold War success was achieved by tapping into the creativity of the American people and the vitality of the American economy without creating a state that arrogated too much authority or control.
First, the Supreme Court has arrogated powers to itself which it should not have.
Granted, the government isn't likely listening to phone calls from your grandmother, but it has arrogated unconstitutional, illegitimate powers to do just about anything in the name of a constitutional, legitimate function: national security.