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Are you sure you don't arrogate too much of the credit to yourself.
Lazar however, arrogates priority for the catholicos and locates the whole action in Greater Armenia.
It leads to agreeing with claims of victimization made by Arab propaganda, which arrogates to itself the sole role of claimant to sympathy.
She uses the language of the slave narrative and arrogates its high moral tone.
When the state arrogates to itself the right to decide what is right and what is wrong, who should live and who should die, the law becomes another tool in the hands of tyrants.
Comparing the office of dictator in ancient Rome - an office with a term appointment filled by lawful election - with the role of a citizen who arrogates princely power to himself not legally but by buying support with his personal wealth, he adds that the Dictator had no authority to alter institutions, unlike the citizen-turned-prince who did just that.