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Jia Zhang-ke, chronicler and bard of the new China with his densely poetic films about the dislocation and anxiety caused by Deng Xiaoping's market "reforms," had already captured the arrogating power of spectacle in a country intent on erecting a pristine facsimile of late civilization over the drowned villages, polluted skies, and broken hopes of its populace.
The results confirmed the limits of his voting coalition--predominantly young, urban, liberal, and black voters--just as his remarks in San Francisco seemed to crystallize the image of Obama as a professorial progressive who derogates culturally conservative whites while arrogating to himself the role of social scientist in chief.
America is the enabler, sustainer and justifier of 40 years of Israeli Nazism whose ultimate goal is the obliteration of Palestinians as a nation, by arrogating their homeland for them and making their future as precarious as possible.
The Marquise de Rambouillet was subversive in withdrawing from the court, pioneering a new cultural institution and arrogating to herself aspects of male social authority.
The Nicaraguan Asamblea Nacional (AN) passed in November a series of constitutional reforms severely limiting presidential powers, arrogating, say critics, to itself prerogatives usually associated with the executive.
They want to have the whole public sphere conform to their beliefs, while confining Christian beliefs to the private sphere, in addition to arrogating to themselves the exclusive right to decide what comes under each.
foreign policy, arrogating management of the intelligence community, and abandoning bipartisan policies of arms control and disarmament crafted over the past four decades.
Craft trades and ministries point toward a middle way that, though less prestigious than medicine, could actually enhance the profession by better reflecting the work teachers do instead of arrogating to itself a status that strikes many noneducators as presumptuous and self-serving.
In arrogating the right to overthrow the Iraqi government and depose of Saddam Hussein by force, the Bush administration is violating international law and the UN Charter.
But it's hard to devolve decision making when Washington keeps arrogating power to itself.