arson second degree, parole

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Country: United States of America
State: Kentucky

In January 1995, I got convicted of Arson 2nd Burglary 3rd. 8yrs total. PB ordered me to pay restitution to the ant of $40,000 @ $25 month. I've spent 56 months in prison, and have been on parole for the past 33months. My parole was revoked once prior to this 33 months. My max. exp. is Nov. 2006. Im reporting 1 every 3 months. My parole officer says he can't let me off till I pay the sum amt, per the parole boards recommendation. Until I Meet the PB recommendations, I cannot be released from Parole. He also agrees that he isn't really sure how this is goanna work out when the time comes to be released if I haven't gotten the full ant paid. He's advised me to get a lawyer.
Is this really true that I can't be released from my parole until the full ant is paid? Isn't that what a Maximum Expiration Date is for? Im certain that If I serve my time, there will be no restitution to pay so, what the deal? I haven't had a single problem since being on parole. No dirty urine, no tickets of any kind, always reported on time, never given a single problem. Everything Im saying is the HONEST truth. All I want is to get on with my life, put this behind me, and try to move away from it. Please help in anyway you can.


It depends how the order was written so review it closely--sometimes the payment does have to be made before you are completely released...
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