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STUDENTS IN CLASSHe said at the time the fire was detected, all the students were in class for evening studies."We have not had any issues with our students and we suspect the fire could be the work of an arsonist," said Mr Wetanga.
"So when the region's leaders come to Washington to plead for engagement and intervention, ask for money or ask for arms,'' he added, "Let them first answer the question: Are you an arsonist or are you a firefighter?''
The room had looked like headquarter of the arsonist. An alarm had gone off in that room and soon the whole building was embraced by fire.
Club chairman Alan Westwater said: "We were determined not to let the arsonist win.
Officers confirmed to the Daily Telegraph that a serial arsonist was being investigated in connection with the Gippsland blaze that has so far claimed 21 lives.
The jurisdiction would be responsible for ensuring the national registry has appropriate records of a local arsonist's name, social security number, local addresses, palm and finger prints, photograph and physical description, license plate number and a copy of any identification card issued by the jurisdiction to the arsonist (such as a driver's license).
Arnold Schwarzenegger today spoke of the arsonists who set killer brushfire blazes in California: "We will hunt down the people that are responsible for that." In addition, Schwarzenegger expressed special thanks to President George W.
The poor performance of surveillance equipment came to light in a very public way in December 2004, when an arsonist began a series of sometimes deadly attacks against the discount store chain Don Quixote.
Fire investigation officers never consider the stakes higher than when a firefighter faces death at the hands of an arsonist. Families and communities find the pain just as intense if those hands belong to a juvenile.
Lawyers & Judges Publishing (Tucson, AZ) has published "Understanding the Arsonist: From Assessment to Confession," a softbound book targeted to fire and police investigators, criminal justice professionals and mental health professionals.
SPRINGFIELD - Eight months have passed since the arsonist set his first fire in an outbuilding on West E Street.