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I was discussing this core question with Nader Mousavizadeh, a former senior United Nations official and the co-founder of Macro Advisory Partners, a geopolitical advisory firm, and he offered another framework: "The real struggle in the region,'' he said, "is between arsonists and firefighters.
She grills Pavlik when it is discovered that a person with the ID Firebug 477 had checked only serial arsonist videos, a few moments after they were uploaded on the website.
Now, he continues, this axis poses an even greater danger than last year's arsonists.
12) Findings revealed that parents of juvenile arsonists often experience personal and marital distress, and their children have exposure to stressful life events, poor supervision, and minimal family affiliation.
A giant map, an aerial view of the city, hangs nearby, with tiny flames marking each of the 19 fires linked to the arsonist.
Back in September 1996, Fareed Zakaria, managing editor of the CFR's flagship journal Foreign Affairs, penned a very revealing essay for Newsweek concerning arsonist Saddam Hussein.
The fire was reported at 3am after the arsonist struck in the first-floor lobby of the flats in Hastings, East Sussex.
The amateur arsonists quickly became pros, Kalman adds, using delayed-ignition devices and starting fires simultaneously at multiple sites.
As members of the community, we grieved with Seattle over the tragic, needless loss of life caused by an arsonist," said Blank.
The arsonist or arsonists targeted the house in Glan-y-Mor Road at 3.
POLICE are hunting a trouserless arsonist following a bizarre blaze in Warwickshire.
AN arsonist is terrorising a town in the North, police feared yesterday.