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After this examination they turned their eyes towards their leader, who had long been acquainted with the art of speaking to men of that class, and who improvised the following little speech, pronounced with an energy truly Gascon:
All understood the art of speaking fair when a point was to be gained, and could with consummate skill and at a moment's notice turn the cold shoulder the instant civility ceased to be profitable.
He was the author of a dozen text-books on the art of speaking correctly, and also of a most ingenious sign-language which he called "Visible Speech.
While he taught and trained his meritorious daughter in politics, he was also her teacher in the art of speaking at public rallies.
The 74-year-old, who has returned to India after completing the first schedule of the upcoming film Thugs of Hindostan in Malta, said he always tries to learn how the art of speaking "could be perfected, and have not found very many adequate answers".
The President assured Club Members that the Company would continue to provide them all support for their activities as well as local and regional competitions, and contribute effectively in spreading their message aimed at inculcating the art of speaking and leadership.
Diane Hannouche, senior marketing executive of Chaumet, explained that the creations reveal the art of speaking the language of emotion with eyes and hands.
Further components of the event addressed the basic principles of the art of speaking and presentation, as well as tips on how to present to people with special needs.
He said that the art of speaking effectively and fluently adds to the confidence of a person and ensures his success in life.
Sridevi's comeback film, English Vinglish has come as a big motivation and confidence booster for Bihar's Mahadalit girls who are trying to learn the art of speaking the Queen's language despite all odds.
In defiance, I turned to poetry, an art of speaking sparely, but flagrantly.
Although a few brief sections do focus on the art of speaking in front of an audience, this is mostly a guidebook for speechwriters with vital tips on understanding the potential audience, the need for extensive research, and utilizing language that people will understand and remember.