art of war

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The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one's deliberations, when seeking to determine the conditions obtaining in the field.
And is the art of war one of those arts in which she can or can not share?
But what practice in the art of war has a people which nature has thus protected from attack?
Written in China more than 2,000 years ago, Sun Tzu's classic The Art of War is the first known study of the planning and conduct of military operations.
Art of War will have three team members on the fight card, Adam Fugitt, Ray Hill and Asa Carlile.
He recounted (specifically, in chapter 12 of Part II) this failed campaign in Art of War at Sea, which he produced from 1552 to 1554 upon his return to Lisbon.
General Douglas MacArthur once stated that he always kept Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass on his desk.
Somewhere I suspect, he learnt the art of war by reading up on Sun Tzu's brilliant compendium, even as his political rivals lost themselves in the fog of war.
In a word, The Art of Air Power is not simply another addition to the existing shelf load of translations of The Art of War.
The weapons have a horrifying past, but this select few of the over 70 million AK-47s produced have become less Art of War, and more art from war.