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Brachial artery catheterization injury is the most common cause of direct arterial injury.
Conclusion: Azithromycin in combination with simvastatin has definite effect in the treatment of COPD in combination with pulmonary arterial hypertension as it can significantly relieve ventilation disturbance, improve lung function, and decrease pulmonary arterial pressure.
Blood sample was taken for blood gas analysis, and invasive monitoring was performed for confirming the arterial placement.
Conclusion: Ultrasound guided radial artery cannulation is associated with higher rate of successful insertion and less time is required for arterial line insertion as compared to blind palpation method.
Com base na fisiopatologia, tecnicas invasivas tem sido desenvolvidas para o controle da hipertensao arterial resistente; inicialmente era realizada nefrectomia aberta, com taxas de morbidade de 45 para 58% e mortalidade de 0 a 10% (5), evoluindo posteriormente a nefrectomia laparoscopica, com melhores resultados em termos de morbidade com taxas menores de 20% (11).
It is true that air contamination of arterial blood specimens can alter blood gas values.
La medicion de rutina de la presion arterial es una practica comun en pacientes adultos, usualmente esta no es observada en la practica pediatrica especialmente en el recien nacido sano.
After 3 years, arterial stiffness had decreased in the MK-7 group and slightly increased in the control (-0.
The patient was placed in supine position for all the arterial segments, except for the PA, ATA, PEA and PTA, which were examined in prone position.
The present work was carried out in order to analyze the uniaxial tension and circumferential inflation on the mechanical property of arterial wall based on the modified strain energy function from Gent.
Estudiar la afectacion vascular de pacientes en dialisis tanto desde el punto de vista de calcificacion arterial (mediante los indices de Kauppila y Adragao) como de enfermedad arterial periferica (mediante el ITB).

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