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However, the general focus of PAD research is on chronic arterial occlusive disease of the arteries in the legs, primarily caused by atherosclerosis.
The present work was carried out in order to analyze the uniaxial tension and circumferential inflation on the mechanical property of arterial wall based on the modified strain energy function from Gent.
In order to plan future preventive interventions in shift workers, it was the objective of the present study to assess the relationship between shift work and arterial age and to identify predictors of early arterial aging using a noninvasive procedure.
The most straightforward, valid and reliable measure of arterial stiffness is pulse wave velocity (PWV) which is predictive of future cardiovascular events, mortality and even dementia.
Drawing arterial blood gases is, of course, a very important task for the respiratory therapist and pulmonary function technologist.
Drug-eluting stents are now widely used all over the world to treat obstructive arterial disease, yet some patients with the stents have suffered life-threatening side effects- an increase risk of blood clotting and heart attacks.
The results suggest that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil exert a direct and rapid effect on improving arterial elasticity in overweight, hypertensive patients, but further study is needed to prove a similar benefit for aging-related arterial stiffness
Although arterial puncture does not place patients at risk of the serious complications associated with arterial catheterization, it is potentially hazardous and certainly not risk free.
Endothelium modulates arterial stiffness, which precedes overt atherosclerosis and is an independent predictor of cardiovascular events.
Summarize the data suggesting a link between arterial and venous thrombosis.
The implication is that all patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis should be screened for peripheral arterial disease by a simple, noninvasive test, such as an ankle-brachial index, said Dr.
The purpose of this study was to compare large and small arterial elasticity in apparently healthy sedentary and recreationally active adult women, and to examine if age affects large and small arterial elasticity.

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