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The new study indeed showed that arterial inflammation in the HIV-positive group was correlated with levels of soluble CD163, a marker of monocyte activation.
Researchers say that constant fluctuations in blood oxygen levels caused by OSA may contribute to arterial inflammation, blood flow obstruction, and, eventually, increased hypertension and cardiovascular-related events.
In an editorial accompanying the study, Peter Libby and Peter Ganz of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggest that probucol may interrupt oxidant-sensitive signaling systems in the body and mitigate the arterial inflammation caused by inflating the balloon.
No one knows if the benefit is from the statin and presumably the reduction of arterial inflammation or the lowering of CRP levels," Dr.
Lipoic acid supplementation was associated with a significant reduction of atherosclerotic lesion formation and less arterial inflammation.
The way statins may help in stroke prevention may lie in their ability to fight arterial inflammation and atherosclerosis.
The trail led to research suggesting that low-grade arterial inflammation is as dangerous as high cholesterol levels in raising the risk of heart attack and stroke.