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Ramadan fasting ameliorates arterial pulse pressure and lipid profile, and alleviates oxidative stress in hypertensive patients.
Noninvasive determination of age-related changes in the human arterial pulse.
Analysis of USCOM data was performed by an investigator blinded to the arterial pulse contour CO results.
He studied the nature of the arterial pulse in experiments on sheep and rabbits.
Left ventricular ejection times and cardiac output both increased in-flight, while time between heartbeats, arterial pulse pressure, and the blood pumped from the heart decreased.
Recording of arterial pulse was taken on 4 channel polygraph paper (Polywrite INCO) at a paper speed of 25 mm/sec.
Friedrich Maass described the first use of chest compressions to create an arterial pulse.
The indices ranged in level of difficulty to performfrom automatic (PVI, noninvasively obtained via the Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter) to invasive (DeltaPP, respiratory variations in arterial pulse pressure obtained via arterial catheter) to operator-dependent (CO, cardiac output obtained via echocardiography).
At that point, mechanical ventilation and hemodynamic support are both discontinued in the operating room, and surgical procurement begins after an absent arterial pulse or mechanical contraction of the heart.

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