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Small blood samples from ear-lobe puncture: a substitute for arterial puncture. Lancet 1965;2(7407):315-7.
(2) Using the ultrasound to And the femoral vein and/or the internal jugular vein can be extremely helpful in preventing arterial puncture, malposition and pneumothorax.
Blood for laboratory testing was obtained from an arterial puncture performed by a respiratory therapist and kept on ice in a heparinized, air evacuated syringe until analysis, which occurred within 15 minutes of blood sampling.
A right common femoral arterial puncture was initially performed, followed by arteriography of the pelvic vessels.
Schillinger, "Arterial puncture site management after percutaneous transluminal procedures using a hemostatic wound dressing (Clo-Sur P.A.D.) versus conventional manual compression: a randomized controlled trial," Journal of Endovascular Therapy, vol.
The brachial artery is often used in medical procedures, as brachial pulse palpation, blood pressure monitoring, arterial puncture, arteriography and others.
The technology is designed to provide clinicians real-time information, which helps avoid potentially serious clinical complications such as thrombosis, arterial puncture and vessel wall damage.
The technology is designed to provide clinicians with real time information to avoid potentially serious clinical complications, including thrombosis, arterial puncture and vessel wall damage.
A prospective study of the clinical outcome of femoral pseudoaneurysm and arteriovenous fistulas induced by arterial puncture. J Vasc Surg 1993; 17: 125-33.
However, an inadvertent arterial puncture may lead to cervical hematoma, which could potentially expand and obstruct the airway.
(56,74) It has also been suggested that use of the Allen test in detecting adequate collateral circulation before radial arterial puncture may not be a reliable predictor of subsequent risk of vascular injury.
Six (4.7%) complications developed during catheterization (two arterial puncture, two hematomas, one arythmia, one pneumothorax).

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