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3] The risk of arterial puncture can be almost completely eliminated by the routine use of ultrasound needle guidance.
However, this review did find the incidence of arterial puncture was almost 5% using the landmark technique.
A prospective study of the clinical outcome of femoral pseudoaneurysm and arteriovenous fistulas induced by arterial puncture.
However, an inadvertent arterial puncture may lead to cervical hematoma, which could potentially expand and obstruct the airway.
56,74) It has also been suggested that use of the Allen test in detecting adequate collateral circulation before radial arterial puncture may not be a reliable predictor of subsequent risk of vascular injury.
7%) complications developed during catheterization (two arterial puncture, two hematomas, one arythmia, one pneumothorax).
Similarly, a landmark based approach to the femoral vein (needle insertion medial to the pulse) would have led to repeated unsuccessful needle passes, patient discomfort and potential arterial puncture.
The potential for obtaining a venous sample is greater when using the brachial artery for arterial puncture because there are large veins lying in close proximity to the brachial artery.
Reducing bedrest following arterial puncture for coronary interventional procedures-impact on vascular complications.
Accidental arterial puncture can occur if enough time is not taken to select the correct vein from which to withdraw blood.
1,2,6) If arterial puncture is necessary during the infusion of alteplase, using the upper extremity is preferable so manual compression can be applied.

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