arterial highway

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What puzzles me is why they couldn't have completed one set on one of the two arterial roads that go through Hexham and then started on the other.
About 1,70,000 people live within 500 metres of arterial roads in Delhi
Four Metro stations were shut and bumper- to- bumper traffic stretched on all arterial roads in Central Delhi.
The site is in the center of the city, and is traversed by several major arterial roads planned by the City Council, including Golden Valley Road.
Main arterial roads, such as Kenilworth Road and Leamington Road, are being targeted daily by the team.
This initial phase of demining arterial roads in the Planalto region is expected to be completed by the end of 2005.
Putting the blame on civic bodies for flooding of arterial roads and other areas, Sheila said the municipal corporations will have to find out a solution to the problem.
This letter is being written in response to the repeated newspaper articles suggesting that the Rainbow Glen Drive Gate, which defines the property boundary of the Scenic Hills private community, is a roadblock to motorists wishing to access arterial roads.
The officer said the purpose is to educate people about illegal parking as it obstructs the movement of other vehicles on arterial roads and main carriageways.
This 283,000 square foot enclosed community shopping centre is located at the intersection of Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue, two major arterial roads in Toronto.
THE traffic police have begun a crackdown on illegal parking which chokes arterial roads across the Capital -- and their big weapon is a clamp which immobilises the vehicles.
While the report only looked at freeways and arterial roads, it is clear there is a major problem on city streets in Los Angeles.