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The Exchange of Notes on this component of the Arterial Road Bypass Project was signed between the Philippines and Japan in November last year when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the Philippines.
9462 or the "act naming the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) to Apolinario Mabini Superhighway.
5km arterial road will be developed at a cost of Dh142 million, according to a top official at the Ministry of Public Works.
Local Streets: The properties to be subdivided by private owners as well as by the Government will be made accessible to the Arterial Roads by local streets.
Chris Kelly, chairman of lorry supplier Keltruck of West Bromwich and a member of the Business Transport Group, said: 'We simply cannot allow this major arterial road to come under local authority control, even though traffic has already been slowed unnecessarily.
However, the arterial road has been partially closed for three months starting Thursday in the opposite direction in collaboration with the Sharjah Police, as part of the second phase of the development works.
Daang Hari is a four-kilometer major arterial road that will connect Cavite's rapidly growing towns to Metro Manila via SLEx.
The loan is to assist in financing the rehabilitation/reconstruction, of sections of the arterial road and sea defenses on the west coast of the island; The aim, said the CDB, is improvement of road communication between the capital, Roseau, and outlying villages of Pointe Michel to its south and Massacre to its north, and reduction in the level of the vulnerability of the road at Pointe Michel to storm damage.
The arterial road, which has seen three phases of development work, will be partially blocked from the National Bank of Abu Dhabi to the Central Market for 30 days.
437 million to help finance a project for improving road transport in the southern region of Trinidad via a reduction in vehicle operating costs and the easing of congestion on the main arterial road.