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In 8 kidneys (75%), both renal artery entered through the hilum, one usually in normal position.
The common carotid arteries and the subclavian artery supply the head, the cervical and pectoral regions, and the wings.
The SPA was formed by the branch of ulnar artery and completed by the first dorsal metacarpal artery of the radial artery.
In typical cases, the ulnar artery is the larger terminal branch of the brachial artery.
These authors assessed the existence of the gastroduodenal artery and its branching to the bile duct.
Coronary CT angiography examination showed that the radial graft on RCA and the native right coronary artery were occluded.
The knowledge of variations in vertebral artery is of great clinical interest to the neurosurgeon and radiologist for diagnostic investigation and surgical procedures of the neck.
Kadir (1991) observed that in 75% of the general population, the main renal artery originates at level of the intervertebral disc of L1 and L2, and in 25%, between T12 and L2.
The right coronary artery originating from the aorta was visualized as tortuous and enlarged and the left coronary artery could not be visualized completely (Figure 3).
Niranjan (1988) described a great quantity of variations in the distance, the manner of completion of the facial artery, and the form in which the labial arteries originate.