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This physician likewise abundantly establishes what he has advanced respecting the motion of the blood, from the existence of certain pellicles, so disposed in various places along the course of the veins, in the manner of small valves, as not to permit the blood to pass from the middle of the body towards the extremities, but only to return from the extremities to the heart; and farther, from experience which shows that all the blood which is in the body may flow out of it in a very short time through a single artery that has been cut, even although this had been closely tied in the immediate neighborhood of the heart and cut between the heart and the ligature, so as to prevent the supposition that the blood flowing out of it could come from any other quarter than the heart.
In the next place, the consistency of the coats of which the arterial vein and the great artery are composed, sufficiently shows that the blood is impelled against them with more force than against the veins.
There I was struck on the shoulder by a Jezail bullet, which shattered the bone and grazed the subclavian artery.
As expected, the trigeminal artery runs along the trigeminal nerve connecting the cavernous carotid artery to the basilar system (Figure 1c, 1d).
The clinical prognosis depends mainly on the size of the collaterals which are present between the right and left coronary artery.
3]) and ozone (120 ppb) for 2 hr causes acute constriction of the brachial artery in healthy adults (Brook et al.
A carotid artery blocked by plaque is a tragedy waiting to happen.
The posterior ethmoid artery takes a similar course along the roof of the posterior ethmoid, and it enters the nasal cavity through the cribriform plate.
When first introduced, angioplasty represented a major step forward in the treatment of coronary artery disease.
Keywords: apparatus; biaxial test; latex; mechanical properties; nonlinear material; pulmonary hypertension; rat pulmonary artery.
Achieving the first milestone in the VISION trial is vital to gathering follow-up clinical data on radiotherapy for treatment of coronary artery disease," commented Professor Wolfgang Rutsch, M.