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By looking closely at Milton's language and complex syntax in Areopagitica, Dowling then analyzes Milton's responses to Isocrates's ambivalent rhetoric: he perceptively shows how Milton, while seeming to praise Parliament, exploits his own double-edged and artful political rhetoric in order to challenge its deficient policies and maintain an ironic distance from that institution.
It belongs to the writer who can make us care not only about our Tiny Tims but our Artful Dodgers, too.
To enter our competition, answer the question below and send your answer, along with your name, membership number, address and daytime phone number, on a postcard to The Journal Artful Lodger competition, PO Box 761, Newcastle NE99 1QP.
Salzman's nonjudgmental perseverance bore the fruit of young men turning the chaos of their lives into honest and often artful self-reflective prose.
Heading the cast is 11-year-old Jonathon Clarke as Oliver Twist, 12-year- old Jamie Barnard as the Artful Dodger and Dexter the dog as Bullseye.
The vessels contain secrets, and Puryear seems to be suggesting that every secret is a sin to be confessed, with artful eloquence.
Its classical architecture and unwavering attention to artful detail will both reflect and enhance the appeal of this intimate City neighborhood.
Her artful reconstruction of Carnival on the planet as seen through the eyes of the spunky Tan-Tan is a true joy, full of the colorful sights and sounds experienced during the holiday.
It's not exactly deep stuff, but in it's own loose mid loopy way, Pierre et Gilles: Love Stories manages to capture what's it like to live in these artful pranksters' exalted, magical world of saints and celebrities.
Rewind - The Album Mixed by the Artful Dodger is a double album featuring the phattest and funkiest tunes from the UK Garage scene.
He is probably best known for his artful evisceration in The Public Interest of the hyped "findings' of massive waste reported by the Grace Commission.