artful dodge

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This has been, according to Biden, "an artful dodge to get around people who are not capable, constitutionally or legally, of owning a weapon.
It wasn't a very artful dodge but it appears to have taken the NTSB off the hook for recommending a change that makes sense scientifically but would likely prove devilishly hard to implement, even if the states would agree to it, which by all indications they wouldn't.
Dreaming, "storying," the artful dodge -- these are essential strategies for the survival of an oppressed people.
As The New York Times reported, her remarks were viewed, depending on the analyst's point of view, as either "a subtle but important shift in policy, a restatement of the administration's long-held position or an artful dodge intended to retain flexibility, in dealing with detainees while soothing public opinion" here and abroad.
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I have no idea whether or not it's true ( but what I do know is that if any group of people are capable of coming up with such an artful dodge, it is those at the heart of New Labour.
Christian Science MonitorThe artful dodge of housework
He is editor of Artful Dodge, and has work appearing recently
This is an artful dodge to avoid the word "cloning" in the second, permitted case.
It's an artful dodge timed to help club owners make hay during the upcoming Winter Olympics, and if it works it could make it a little easier for Utah residents to get a drink in a state whose dominant Mormon culture shuns alcohol.