artfully contrived

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His questioning was so artfully contrived, that he seemed even in his own eyes to volunteer all this information rather than to have it wrested from him; and he was brought to this state of feeling so naturally, that when Mr Chester yawned at length and declared himself quite wearied out, he made a rough kind of excuse for having talked so much.
All the windows and doors had been taken away, and sufficiently large holes were conspicuous in the dilapidated roofs, but the surrounding land was laid out in fields that were highly cultivated, and the old garden spaces had been turned into meadows, watered by a system of irrigation as artfully contrived as that in use in Limousin.
Bardell so earnestly entreated not to agitate herself about this warming-pan, unless (as is no doubt the case) it is a mere cover for hidden fire--a mere substitute for some endearing word or promise, agreeably to a preconcerted system of correspondence, artfully contrived by Pickwick with a view to his contemplated desertion, and which I am not in a condition to explain?
These often took the form of apartments or chapels in secluded parts of the houses, or in the roof space, where Mass could be celebrated with the utmost privacy and safety, and nearby there was usually an artfully contrived hiding-place, not only for the officiating priest to slip into in case of emergency, but also to provide a place where the vestments, sacred vessels, and altar furniture could be stored.
The works are not so much explorations as contemplations of color and form, and while they allude to Josef Albers's studies of color interaction, they are too artfully contrived, too singular, to be exercises.
He pressed flesh and he signed autographs, while Cherie, clutching Leo in her arms, took more than half an hour to walk 50 yards, so intent was she on the glad-handing opportunity they had so artfully contrived.
But this lack of artfully contrived selling schemes doesn't absolve them in Rushkoff's eyes.
It could have been an artfully contrived scene from one of the 1940s-era Hollywood films for which he wrote music scores, but in the fascinating, real-life world of Ernesto Lecuona, it was just one more memorable incident that would become part of the legend of the man widely recognized as Cuba's greatest composer.
My final beef with journalists is their feigned solidarity with the masses, the artfully contrived pretense that journalists are somehow not part of the establishment that they purport to despise.
The previous first place winners have included a belle-of-the-ball themed couple, a pair clad in Henry VIII-era formalwear, an artfully contrived starburst ensemble, and the most recent couple, resembling Cinderella and Prince Charming.