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Effortlessly intelligent, beautifully shot and edited, tactful about its own artfulness but eloquent about the humanity it discovers in every interview subject, Lavender Lake is a classic big little picture: one that opens up an entire quirky, funny, complicated world, simply by paying attention to the lives that pass along one very stinky waterway in Brooklyn.
2 1), in Wheeler's view the Notebook passages come of f best in the implied competition; indeed, they may illustrate a designed artfulness concealing itself in an apparently sincere crudity.
People talk about architecture, placement in a room, but I think the artfulness of a work is how it's spatially embedded, its geometry.
Rooney's artfulness was exemplified by his two goals against Croatia which helped to put England in the quarter-finals.
Unfortunately, as the triptych progresses, the artfulness that marks the first play thins out, and we are mostly left with journalism--consistently witty and well-spoken journalism, yes, but lacking in the dramatic pulse needed to concentrate the attention for the period required.
This blend of artfulness and the natural characterized the acting as well.
singled out Robert Colescott, not for the artfulness of his painterly
He's not helped by a sound system that makes Broadway versions seem a model of artfulness.
The artfulness of it, and successors like A Little Time, the group's biggest hit to date, is that they can be taken at any number of different levels.