article of agreement

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Mrs Varden approved of this meek and forgiving spirit in high terms, and incidentally declared as a closing article of agreement, that Dolly should accompany her to the Clerkenwell branch of the association, that very night.
The petition filed by Murawat through counsel stated that the Pakistani shipping master was violating the Pakistan Merchant Shipping Ordinance, 2001 with particular reference to Sections 123 and 127, in which it was demanding the agents to force Pakistani seafarers joining foreign ships to sign Pakistani article of agreement at the shipping office and two yearly medical checkups at port health Karachi in a bid to enable his staff to blackmail the seafarers and get illegal gratification.
In a press statement during IMF's staff discussion with Gambian authorities on the economic development and policies within the context of Article IV of the IMF's article of agreement, Tjirongo said Gambia's economy grew by an average of 6.
Broader national engagement -- with NGOs, local media and a broad set of politicians -- is now viewed as an integral part of effective country advice and program implementation, as well as being essential for the Fund's "surveillance" function under its Article of Agreements.