article of faith

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This argument had little resonance on the left because its basic article of faith was that all but the most corrupt South Vietnamese were closet Vietcong.
Labour hangs on to its belief that health care should be free for all at the point of delivery as an article of faith.
Defending the powerless against the powerful is a basic task of government, an article of faith in the America that I grew up in.
In recent times, the opposite has been adopted as an article of faith by the Great and Good in the game.
We explore the role of fantasy in ballet, film, and even in the shadowy world of the apocryphal gospels, where our authors undertake a scholarly journey to the frontier between Christian article of faith and the realm of the fairy tale.
The only way to break this logical conundrum is through faith, but an article of faith cannot serve as a premise for an argument based ostensibly on reason.
Louis Post-Dispatch that, "What I believe personally as a Catholic as an article of faith is an article of faith.
For many years, most otolaryngologists have held as an article of faith the belief that steroids are important in suppressing, eliminating, and preventing granulation tissue.
The miraculous power of English language training to generate good will is not just an article of faith at DLIELC; it is a matter of fact.
AS an article of faith, England rugby supporters swear Jonny Wilkinson is the world's finest fly-half.