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For now the 'unique link' appears to be more an article of faith than an evidenced reality," he added.
It is an article of faith in some circles that since the Reagan-era rise of conservatism in national politics, the rich have gotten richer and the poor poorer.
It's an article of faith among the Religious Right that the only way to decrease sexual activity among teenagers is through programs that preach abstinence until marriage.
But he denied he was trying to "pick a fight" with his party's right wing - who have long viewed grammar schools as an article of faith - or emulate Tony Blair's 1995 "Clause Four" moment when he faced down Labour traditionalists over the commitment to nationalisation.
It becomes an article of faith that everything will be all right on the night - but that faith is just a little bit wobbly
Don't be afraid to trust the tiny article of faith inside
Born Losers is a must read for anyone interested in American identity formation, the expansion of capitalism as political-economy and article of faith, the construction of economic striving as a moral imperative, and the psychological and social costs of a national ideology centered on self-reliance and economic ambition as the hallmarks of a successful life.
But whilst apparently banned from wearing one symbol of hope, the cross, public figures in Britain are simultaneously urged, indeed in many cases, required, to wear another, the red poppy, almost as an article of faith.
Add to all this the custom of the Church, from time immemorial, of offering Masses for the deceased and "for the souls of the faithful departed" and we cannot but conclude that the doctrine of the existence of Purgatory is an article of Faith.
This argument had little resonance on the left because its basic article of faith was that all but the most corrupt South Vietnamese were closet Vietcong.
Labour hangs on to its belief that health care should be free for all at the point of delivery as an article of faith.