articles of commerce

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Even as articles of commerce and safe investments for money, they have now (as some disinterested collectors who dine at certain annual dinners I know of, can testify) distanced the old pictures in the race.
a negative inference that, because the Constitution allows the federal government to regulate commerce, it also denies states the power unjustifiably to discriminate against or burden the interstate flow of articles of commerce.
The 37-page document assists with botanical ingredient identification by organoleptic analysis, a process of developing familiarity with herbal articles of commerce by creating and using descriptions of sensory experience that can be employed for identification of new lots of the same materials.
Agricultural commodities and widgets might become articles of commerce and be traded between the states, but the activity leading to the ultimate disposition of the goods was outside of Congress's enumerated powers.
An exemption is made for staple articles of commerce capable of substantial non-infringing use, but such use must be more than occasional, far-fetched, impractical, experimental or hypothetical.
These contracts are not articles of commerce in any proper meaning of the word.
In 1984, the high court ruled that Universal Studios could not prevent Sony from introducing the Betamax VCR just because the machine could be used for pirating videos, noting that the "sale of copying equipment, like the sale of other articles of commerce, does not constitute contributory infringement if the product is widely used for legitimate, unobjectionable purposes, or, indeed, is merely capable of substantial noninfringing uses.
Similarly, European trading posts on the fringes of the lowlands profoundly altered native trade networks and articles of commerce long before European traders themselves penetrated these regions.
The Court first noted that items of waste constitute articles of commerce, according to prior decisions.