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8) Lutherans in mission contexts accept Lutheran doctrines and articles of faith, not because Luther or Melanchthon wrote them, but because they are based on scripture as the chief authority.
In an edifying and amazing vision, around a century ago, Western missionaries in Korea hoped that the Twelve Articles of Faith would be "the Confession of Faith, not only for the churches of India and Korea, but of all the Presbyterian churches of Asia, and prove a bond between them".
As to the credal doctrines of pathogenesis and the bodily resurrection of Christ they can still be defended as what they are - articles of faith based on the contents of Holy Scripture.
In the Soviet Union it was the state that refused to wither away, in Islam it is the Quran, and in the United States it is the oral law and the growth imperative both accepted as articles of faith.
An historical treatment of Islam inevitably draws upon an orientalist repertoire of Bedouin warriors, camel caravans, and desert dwellers; the Five Pillars and articles of faith seem rigid and archaic.
If objects such as these represent articles of faith for the art world's global acolytes, the image of the airport (and systems of transportation in general) has become their summa.
The deeper problem, he intones, is that "myths" of western civilization are regarded as facts whereas they are at best articles of faith or speculations endorsed by people trained to believe in them.
It is a bright line, and I do not take my articles of faith and seek to legislate them against people who don't share them.
In the end, unlike Bonaventure, "for whom articles of faith can also become objects of understanding without ceasing to be objects of faith, Thomas sharply distinguishes between articles of faith and demonstrations of reason" (171).
The definition of the term "religion"--taken from George Mason, James Madison, and the United States Supreme Court--was "the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it," which is your form of worship or articles of faith.
Shankly was obviously way ahead of his time and some of the methods he used may even have been considered eccentric at the time but are now considered articles of faith.
William Stimson examines the oddity of Buddhist insights presented as articles of faith rather than organic developments of the practice of meditation.

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