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articulable suspicion, was an actual, conscious, and independent
In 2009, FISC Judge Reggie Walton expressed concern about the government's use of identifiers to query the database of telephony metadata collected under section 215 that did not meet the "reasonable, articulable suspicion" standard prescribed by the FISC.
section] 303(y) (2012) (authorizing cell phone providers to use spectrum); USA FREEDOM Act [section] 101(a)(3)(C) (authorizing production of telephone records after demonstrating reasonable articulable suspicion of foreign threat); 47 C.
Finally, Part III presents potential resolutions of the proper standard for historical cell site data retrieval and urges Congress to reexamine the SGA's "specific and articulable facts" standard to better comport with society's privacy expectations.
En tanto entendemos que las certezas culturales no son satisfechas--o justificadas--por elementos empiricos (21), pues son las constitutivas sistemicas de estos, las recusaciones--y comprensiones--van dirigidas a la captacion articulable de realidades.
Tong Zi Dan's palpable presence, its strange this-ness, is barely articulable because my perception of it is a process and not an instantaneous affair.
The core I have noticed in her teaching is articulable in one sentence: the achievement of the highest musical intentions, and capability to evidence the work ethic it took to achieve them.
application had to include "specific and articulable facts giving
Contents Summary of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Bulk Collection of Telephony Metadata Under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act Description of Telephony Metadata Program Metadata Queries Require Reasonable Articulable Suspicion Scope of Query Results Is Measured in "Hops" Fourth Amendment Challenges to Telephony Metadata Program Recent Developments PRISM and Upstream Acquisition of Internet Communications Overview of Section 702 Constitutional Challenges to Acquisition of Internet Communications FISCR Protect America Act Litigation 2011 FISC Opinions Clapper v.