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As the narrative of the novel unfolds, we can gradually perceive that the limitation in the narrative articulacy is made particularly apparent at moments of emotional fullness.
He is undertaking a difficult task--to describe and dissect the dependencies and interconnections between people who lack the articulacy and self-awareness to understand themselves.
His speed and articulacy suggest a diet of Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson, but we can also invoke the names of Fats Waller and Keith Jarrett.
Giacomo Leopardi praised wine for its ability to heal the body and spirit, to inspire unprecedented poetic articulacy and God-like omniscience (Zibaldone di Pensieri).
The regendering of Hamlet, Howard finds, inevitably raises related questions about "the nature of subjectivity, articulacy, and action" (1), with the presence of the female Hamlet serving as "an elusive signifier of both schism and possibility" (x).
What binds [the stories] all together so impressively is O'Flynn's emotional articulacy, which captures life's sad, strange absurdities and glosses them with a kind of nobility.
Because her finely tuned articulacy and stage-managing skills come to dominate the drama's second half and climactic courtroom scene, her character serves in the logic of the film as a vehicle for authorial intent.
The bitter dissatisfaction with the status quo and frequently savage critical articulacy that is apparent in much of Barthes's work is camouflaged by Sontag's emphasis on the elegance and quiddity that exists in the same essays.
The language and tone of the piece thus becomes equally bravado and a form of entrapment, while there is no confidence in one's ability to articulate rage and compassion beyond this limitation of a playful, exaggerated hyper fiction, with violence as its basis, as if irony has lost its articulacy, and has become entrapment.
British and North American narrative medicine, different as they are in some respects, converge in aspiring to offer patients the great gift of articulacy in storytelling.
Nottingham males: computer technician, nurse, decorator, stock controller, shop assistant, caretaker; bright, open, straightforward, down-to-earth, limited articulacy
Enabling: the process should be equally accessible to all stakeholders; stakeholders must have the capacity to participate in terms of articulacy, technical literacy and resources.