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Caption: Figure 2 White, chalky MSU deposition on articular surfaces of knee; intraoperative view of flexed knee.
Porcine articular cartilage disks were decellularized as above.
To investigate the three dimensional structures of the collagen fibrils in articular cartilage, full thickness canine humeral cartilage was microtomed into perpendicular sections that include the articular surface to the subchondral bone and approximately 100 successive parallel sections, each 6 pm thick.
Dynamic phases of peroneal and tibial intraneural ganglia formation: a new dimension added to the unifying articular theory.
Findings suggestive of instability include torn overlying articular cartilage, undercutting of osteochondral fragment with fluid signal, osteochondral defect with fluid-filled cavity, and cystic change (5 mm or larger) deep to the lesion (Figure 10).
In spite of our imperfect understanding of the treatment process of the articular cartilage, great efforts have been made concerning biological resurfacing methods.
Finite element analysis of stresses in the maxillary and mandibular dental arches and TMJ articular discs during clenching into maximum intercuspation, anterior and unilateral posterior occlusion.
As principais queixas reportadas pelos pacientes foram: dor articular (45%), dor muscular (12,5%), dificuldade de abertura bucal (7,5%) e dor de ouvido (7,5%).
Patel and Spector [19] compared the performance of oxidized zirconium and Co-Cr against bovine articular cartilage in a preliminary in vitro tribological study.
Degenerative joint disease (DJD) affects the articular cartilage, cartilage in a joint that has two very important jobs.
Recent research suggests up to 60% of recurrent headaches are due to articular problems with the top three vertebrae of the spine.