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It can be useful for controlling articular surface reduction and for diagnosing and enabling the repair of meniscal/ligament tears.
Kidney, Oval and irregular shapes were defined in non-division type of superior articular facet.
En los cortes tomograficos, se observa trazo de fractura coronal en la porcion articular de la troclea, asi como trazo coronal y sagital en el condilo medial, dicho trazo sagital tambien afecto una porcion articular del olecranon (Figura 1).
The morphology of the articular eminence, glenoid fossa and mandibular condyle depends on numerous factors, such as changes in dentition associated with aging (tooth loss, attrition and/or increased function), degenerative changes of the glenoid fossa, masticatory stress, craniofacial growth, gender, ethnicity and the relationship between the fossa and the eminence in relation to the facial structures(4,6,10-13).
The peroneal intraneural ganglia are classified by the leve of progression; ganglia occur from the tibiofibular joint (stage 0), following that they progress proximally to the articular branch (stage I), the deep peroneal nerve (stage II), the common peroneal nerve (stage III), and then spread into the sciatic nerve (stage IV).
The study also developed computational algorithms for the degradation of the collagen fibril network in the articular cartilage and its reorganization in order to predict the development and progression of osteoarthritis caused by overweight and cartilage damage.
In this study, minimally invasive surgery is recommended when the course is within 3 to 6 months and the bilateral articular is involved.
Injury to the articular cartilage may occur at the time of the meniscus injury.
La angulacion de la eminencia articular derecha promedio fue 127,4 [grados] [+ o -] 11,7 [grados] y la izquierda de 127,2 [grados] [+ o -] 12,9 [grados].
In this case, severe black colouration of the articular cartilage appears to have occurred due to haemosiderosis and lipofuscin deposition on the articular cartilage.
A comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of smoking group and non-smoking group with BD showed that male sex, HLA-B51 positive patients, BSAS scores, EN, articular, ocular and neurological involvements were significantly higher in smoking group than non-smoking group (p < 0.