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According to envelopes result, the experimental group injected 3g of tranexamic acid in 40 mL of sterile saline into hip articular cavity from intermuscular space following fixation of the implants and closure of articular capsule, short external rotators, whereas the control group received 40 mL of sterile saline in the same way.
Contractile properties of the articular capsule or ligament, in the primary spines of the sea-urchin Eucidaris tribuloides.
The articular capsule was already well defined in the fetuses with 16 weeks of intrauterine life.
In our work we could observe that the insertion of the lateral pterygoid muscle through its superior head occurs in the articular disc and in the articular capsule, in all studied ages.
The arrangement of the muscle and collagen fibers in the echinoid articular capsule is very different from that of a simple muscle-tendon-bone sequence.
Accordingly, yon Uexkull called this muscle layer Bewegungsmuskulatur (motion-supporting muscle) as opposed to the articular capsule, which he believed also to be a muscle, the Sperrmuskulatur (catch or holding muscle).
They can manifest as a cluster of accessory fascicles arising from coracoids process, pectoralis minor tendon, proximal head of humerus or articular capsule of humerus [2].
Moore & Dalley) and its muscular bundles was inserted in the articular capsule over the surface of the suprapatellar bursa (Rouviere; Ahmad; Kendall; Salgado; Moore & Dalley; Didio, 2002).
Benjamin & Ralphs mentioned the existence of two types of ligaments: capsular, when the ligament is a local thickening of the articular capsule, or accessory when it is located free from the joint capsule, inside or outside the capsule.