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You can view Prasoon's overview and review on Articulate Storyline on Stratbeans' YouTube Channel, Stratbeans Live.
If it's not obvious by now, you will need to be somewhat proficient in PowerPoint to take full advantage of Articulate Studio's rich feature set.
Placed in context and perturbed by the role play in the ethics meeting with the supervisor, students had to articulate the ethics that drove their professional decisions.
However, it is essential that they articulate the general needs of the warfighter in sufficient detail so that the S & T community can focus their efforts.
Through the meaningful names of her antagonist and protagonist, Rowling explicitly articulates the central theme of her narrative as the conflict between the paradigms of transcendence of context and adaptation to context--the same conflict which Elgin locates at the core of the high fantasy genre.
If Hirschhorn's sculpture in fact articulates a new "phenomenology" of advanced reification--both in terms of the actually governing modes of object production and the subject positions they enforce--this phenomenology would have to be legible first on the level of spectatorial participation.
Williams because he was one of the four or five greatest hitters in history, a tremendous student of the art, extremely bright and articulate, and wrote probably the most popular book ever published on the subject (The Science of Hitting).
The task is not to dismiss concerns, but to help articulate them so their real significance can be assessed.
The Court reasoned that the "legitimate and weighty" interest in officer safety outweighs the "de minimis" intrusion resulting from the request to get out of the car, and thus, the officer need not articulate any particular suspicion to justify this request.
If we don't learn to articulate that important value, then scientists can start checking off parts of our nature.
Being from a poor region [like Arkansas], Clinton will understand how to articulate our needs to the House of Representatives and the Senate.