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Articulated bus market in APAC: China, Australia, Singapore, and India are the dominant countries in APAC for the articulated bus market.
In this paper, skid steering mode is applied to articulated motor-driven vehicle that the wheels can be controlled independently.
Ahmed el-Zeini, Deputy Chairman of the General Building Materials Section, notes that much of the work of articulated vehicles involves transporting sand and pebbles.
I recently visited a site where the articulated trucks in operation have no choice but to travel at less than half of their top speed within the aisles because the aisle widths are so narrow that there is very little margin for error on either side of the truck.
Results of the course-embedded assessment indicate that the university mission can be articulated and operationalized by students in college classrooms.
Major methodological considerations should be well articulated, including the implications for aging of the behavioral phenotypes being studied, documentation of solid measurement characteristics, presentation of power analyses to reveal that sample sizes suffice for analyzing the genetic effects being studied, and clear descriptions of the analytical procedures to be employed must be provided.
The system of imaginative engagement with the environment articulated by Lord Voldemort, symbolised in the wizarding world by the serpent, is thus positioned not as an alien intrusion from a hostile culture such as the dominant Muggle culture, but as an institutionalised element of the wizarding world, validated by being passed on through the formal system of education and then utilised by individuals to enable them to interact with their environment.
He might have distinguished more carefully between work by scholars of the early modern period and books such as The Norton Anthology a/Writing by Women, edited by people whose judgments about women's literary history are often very different from ideas articulated by specialists in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century British women.
This was not the cultural and political nationalism of the 1960s that was articulated from the bottom up.
What: Articulated Robotic Press Automation System (ARPAS)
We compared the results of our analysis and agreed on the common concerns and issues articulated in the interviews.