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The structure of the manufacturing cell includes a Kawasaki F S 10E 6-axis articulated arm industrial robot with 10 kg payload, equipped with an ATI RC 340E radially compliant deburring end-effector featuring 40000 rpm spindle and 340 W machining power connected through an automatic ATI QC 04lET tool changer.
Among its novel features are a rear tailgate which slides over the roof on an articulated arm, rather than using conventional top hinges.
For access to the large boot, the tailgate slides over the roof using an articulated arm in its centre.
The driver uses a joystick on the steering column to select the main functions, shown on a fold-away screen in the dashboard and the tailgate slides over the roof via an articulated arm, doing away with side pillars that get in the way during loading.
It can also offer varied services to different manufacturers with very specific needs, which may be as diverse as an articulated arm run by computer, bar coding, vision systems, automated retrieval and storage systems to automated guided vehicles.
With unique product offerings such as the FlexMotion and EZPix gantry robots, Automated Motion has the ability to provide both gantry style and articulated arm robots, utilizing the technology best suited for each application.
The consultation to define the services to provide a new vehicle to Sycodem polybenne 26 T equipped with an articulated arm lifting and loading crane with a gripper and provide a garbage box.
The range, which currently includes over 20 different options for food manufacturers to choose from, is made up of Cartesian, articulated arm and delta-style robots.
Market segments by product type Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) Gantry machines Bridge machines Articulated arm machines Horizontal arm machines Optical Digitizers and Scanners (ODS) 3D laser scanners White light scanners Laser trackers
It combines an internal 7-axis articulated arm with an external skeleton driven by electric motors, creating a measuring robot that drives a MMD laser scanner along the programmed motion path.
has an articulated arm and small marking head that facilitate integration in tight production areas.