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Vitti, "A new quaternion based kinematic model for the operation and the identification of an articulated arm coordinate measuring machine inspired by the geodetic methodology," Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.
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Valmont, which provides finite element analysis services to Arktos Development, was responsible for predicting vehicle performance in severe environments and with showing Arktos engineers how thermal, stress caused by temperature extremes would combine with mechanical, stress within the articulated arm.
Abstract: The article presents the research performed by the authors in the field of robotic machining with self-driven tools, focusing on low power deburring operations performed by six degrees of freedom articulated arm robots.
Under the agreement, Nikon will sell, market, train and support Verisurf software and manufacturers can drive all Nikon portable metrology devices that include Laser Radar; K-Series optical CMMs configured with scanners and probes; MCA II articulated arm configured with scanners and probes; and the iGPS from Verisurf's common software platform.
The ergonomic design includes a 17-inch LCD flat screen monitor with an articulated arm and a 10.4-inch touch screen.
After viewing a Romer Omega articulated arm from Romer Inc., Wixom, MI, at a trade show, Krayer management arranged for an in-house demonstration of the mobility and flexibility of the CMM.
And you can even download images onto a built-in laptop computer, which folds away into the wheel housing thanks to an articulated arm.
The articulated arm is available in nine sizes, ranging in spherical diameter from 71" to 203", with volumetric accuracies ranging from 25 to 100 microns.
Back in the mid-1970s a West Coast technology company called Eaton-Leonard applied vector geometry to tube bending via a digitizing instrument that looked like a highly articulated arm with resolvers in each elbow joint.
For access to the large boot, the tailgate slides over the roof using an articulated arm in its centre.
The driver uses a joystick on the steering column to select the main functions, shown on a fold-away screen in the dashboard and the tailgate slides over the roof via an articulated arm, doing away with side pillars that get in the way during loading.