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They had good arguments which were expressed coherently and articulately.
Yoga Therapy For Overcoming Insomnia articulately discusses the types, causes, and treatments of insomnia, as well as providing expert instruction on creating good sleep habits.
When I meet the band prior to the show, they are all warm and welcoming, and everybody chips in and answers articulately.
Rice is well known for never straying from the White House line and for articulately defending the president against all detractors.
Don't think: ``Death is a fine long sleep and I'm damn tired - it can't come too soon for me,'' drawls Ryan's drunken character amid the most articulately despondent drunks you'll ever see.
It is probably to Roberts's credit that the undead quality of her painting speaks more articulately of her interests and skills than some of her subjects do.
Durham City Forum representative Colin Wilkes said: "We want someone who can speak clearly and articulately, has a knowledge of the city and its history, is civic-minded and can act as an ambassador.
THERE'S no denying the Jags have a tendency to descend into a type of football one can only articulately brand as slapstick.
Osborn, however, cleverly and articulately presents Irenaeus's thought via four major themes: divine intellect, economy, recapitulation, and participation.
The BMA is not a Luddite union prone to socialist dogma but a respectable organisation which has articulately argued its case.
The fast-talking Hoffbauer rants articulately in a coup de the&be in lecture form.
com) specializes in helping business-to-business and technology executives articulately market their company, products and services to their target audiences.