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We were initially overwhelmed by the level of articulateness that we discovered, but then we realized that the power of this process lay in the ability of the students to use their own words and voices to articulate their learning and their understanding of praxis.
And as the symbolic meaning of the imagery built into Rowling's wizarding world is mostly latent until narrative intrudes on setting and begins to articulate it, so the ideals of transcendence and adaptation in Primary Reality remain unarticulated--and hence unexamined--except through the actions of the people who adhere to them.
While Kaplan's book more successfully articulates the relationship between representation and ideology, both Wexman and Kaplan's work suggest a conflation between theatrical and "real-life" performances in relation to gender.
If we don't learn to articulate that important value, then scientists can start checking off parts of our nature."
While the mission statement describes where the organization is going, the values statement articulates how it will get there.
Here Goldberg usefully presents the poem as neither a ventriloquist poem in a woman's voice nor a poem authored by a woman, but a poem in which Surrey himself represents male-male desire, even while he "articulates a position for women as desiring subjects" (158).
If Hirschhorn's sculpture in fact articulates a new "phenomenology" of advanced reification--both in terms of the actually governing modes of object production and the subject positions they enforce--this phenomenology would have to be legible first on the level of spectatorial participation.