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He spoke often to me; but the sound of his voice pierced my ears like that of a water-mill, yet his words were articulate enough.
Of this process, which was to her so full of effort, which comprised infinitely swift and full passages of thought, leading from one crest to another, as she shaped her conception of life in this world, only two articulate words escaped her, muttered beneath her breath--"Not happiness--not happiness.
To know the truth--to accept without bitterness"-- those, perhaps, were the most articulate of her utterances, for no one could have made head or tail of the queer gibberish murmured in front of the statue of Francis, Duke of Bedford, save that the name of Ralph occurred frequently in very strange connections, as if, having spoken it, she wished, superstitiously, to cancel it by adding some other word that robbed the sentence with his name in it of any meaning.
Jerry, who heard, registered, and recognized many words that were as truly tools of thought to him as they were to humans, but who, by inarticulateness of birth and breed, could not utter these many words, nevertheless in his mental processes, used images just as articulate men use words in their own mental processes.
before he can articulate a word of his own; there is such a comfort in all these things, the transportation to London for four or five weeks seems a heavier punishment than any sins of mine deserve.
His last words, rendered barely articulate by exhaustion, still sang the praises of party manoeuvres and political strife.
At length, collecting all her force of voice, she thundered forth in the following articulate sounds:
I found that these people possessed a method of communicating their experience and feelings to one another by articulate sounds.
A flexible joint articulates 55 degrees on either side (for a total 110 degrees of articulation) without sacrificing shaft stiffness, while an articulation wheel enables users to lock the desired angle of approach into position for stability.