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Moreover, because articulating probes can cost nearly twice as much as a static probe, there is financial incentive for purchasers to choose static probes.
We appreciate this recognition from IDSA for our customer-driven innovation and the advancements that ENSEALA G2 Articulating Tissue Sealers represent for both patients and healthcare providers.
University mission statements are filled with potent words, and yet the extent to which students at any given university are capable of articulating the mission of their institution remains unknown.
Another new mount is the PLAV70-UNL ($749), a universal dual-arm, articulating wall mount that supports almost any 42-inch to 71-inch flat panel screen.
There is frequently finger-pointing among the three communities regarding who is responsible for articulating these early requirements.
Morphosis challenge this model, articulating the courtrooms as objects, while also resolving the requirements for security and circulation.
The third key element in clearly articulating and achieving a shared understanding of strategic direction is to frame organizational goals so that it is easy for people to translate them into their own goals.
By clearly articulating how the site/facilities work in equal partnership with the program, it creates a stronger foundation on which your entire operation revolves, including the impact on your campers and guests.
The robot's articulating movement is capable of loading and unloading parts at complex angles and inverting parts between operations.
In addition to articulating preventive and responsive activities throughout all program components, the CGCP also outlines roles for all members of the school community, the establishment of an advisory committee, and the design and administration of a program needs assessment.
In these identificatory statements and ideological sutures, subjects can iterate the interests of the culture industry as though they were articulating their own.
The Finnis project of reconstructing Aquinas's theory of natural law is based upon the seminal article written thirty-five years ago by Germain Grisez, articulating an analysis of Aquinas on practical reason as found in Summa Theologiae, I-II, q.