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The second section elaborates on the organic discourse articulating clinical perceptions of female anatomy and moral-cultural norms, gynecological "rituals of exposure" constituting physicians as "modest witnesses" and patients as "legible bodies," and the locales and images of a newly articulated "prenatal space." Together, the two sections document the cultural work of medical practices in articulating "life's memory," that is, in the formation and enactment of a collective memory about life's biocultural truths: the intertwined truths of procreative sexuality, the maternal imperative, and biopolitical vitality and integrity.
If it is a key component, how are you articulating it to your participants and guests?
Nor is it a matter of dissent if someone competent proposes some new approach to articulating church doctrine in a critical but loving fashion.
The robot's articulating movement is capable of loading and unloading parts at complex angles and inverting parts between operations.
In addition to articulating preventive and responsive activities throughout all program components, the CGCP also outlines roles for all members of the school community, the establishment of an advisory committee, and the design and administration of a program needs assessment.
In these identificatory statements and ideological sutures, subjects can iterate the interests of the culture industry as though they were articulating their own.