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No IPA transcription is capable of indicating a comprehensive level of articulative detail.
Regarding complaints about partisanship, the presidents are ordered as we would expect in the political time framework: the reconstructive and articulative presidents are the most critical, the preemptive less so, and the disjunctive least of all.
The critics were more articulative, pointing at irrelevant awards criteria, the self-interest of the advertising industry, and the lack of documentations concerning the marketing effects.
Post-scientific writing releases the literary from its longstanding obligation to oppose the scientific, to play "pseudo-" to its overarching power to collapse all articulative distinctions between "state" as a noun and "state" as a verb.
The focus of articulative phonetics must begin at the segmental level, while the branch of phonetics known as phonotactics looks at sounds suprasegmentally--that is, how individual articulations behave when placed in succession.
The semiotic seeks after a model of experiential and articulative involvement in a world such that the particular contours of the world are emergent rather than fixed--correlated to the particularity of interpretive activity.
I find Hutcheon's description of the metafictional dimension of narrative as "process made visible" very apposite; and I agree with her when she suggests that when fiction puts its own premises on display, one of the important consequences is a transformation of the reader's role into one that is more articulative, creative, and indeed collaborative -- for one of the most intriguing things the reader may find in metafiction is the offer of a vastly more ample franchise in the literary contract.
The precise dynamic, other articulative, and rhythmic pointing that Pierre Monteux--in a minority--brought to the wo rk is largely absent.
Just occasionally editorial rubrics of this sort are noticeable by their absence, as in some parallel passages where there would surely be good reason to provide such ornamental and articulative markings as are necessary to ensure consistency.
Both attitudes, serious and playful, articulative and disruptive, are justified biographically: "My life began in incoherence and discontinuity, and my work has undoubtedly been marked by this.
Figure 1 illustrates the articulative placement of these eight pairs, and the differing relationship between the pairs.
Those for pitch realization are fairly flexible, allowing different musical textures to develop from a single articulative scheme.