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Voiceless fricatives connect the articulatory process with the air.
Co- articulatory metathesis in Cebuano is different from that of Pengo.
W]e call articulation any practice establishing a relation among elements such that their identity is modified as a result of the articulatory practice.
1) As Leiberman and Blumstein write, "speech production appears to involve the speaker's planning his articulatory maneuvers to achieve supralaryngeal vocal tract shapes that yield particular acoustic goals" (Leiberman and Blumstein, 128-9).
The A-map model: articulatory reliability in child-specific phonology.
A numerical sequence was presented at the beginning of each trial to start the articulatory suppression for 1000 ms; three colored shapes were subsequently and simultaneously presented for 900 ms followed by a 900 ms retention interval.
The auditory and articulatory habits are established with age and tend to be more difficult to be upgraded and completed later.
Hence, a production which is auditorily perceived as either omission or category substitution may reveal, from the acoustic and/or articulatory analysis, that the speaker is systematically producing differences to distinguish two phonemes (MACKEN; BARTON, 1980; SCOBBIE, 1998; HEWLETT; WATERS, 2004; BERTI, 2006; FREITAS, 2007; RODRIGUES, 2007; BERTI, 2010; MELO et al.
These social actors are positioned within a material and articulatory system that molds and embeds them with a scripted and coded logic, primarily through a system of training, making them a part of the techno-financial-managerial elite.
This technique records the electric activation potential of the human articulatory muscles by surface electrodes in order to recognise speech.
In articulatory phonetics vowels are mainly described in terms of three features: (1) height of the tongue (2) backness of the tongue and (3) lip rounding.