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Artifex spondet peritiam artis (The artisan responds to his art) *
Asimismo los elementos la reconocen como "sua artifex", "su artifice", como tambien en la obra de Bernardo Silvestre: "habitaculum anime, corpus, artifex Natura de initiorum materiis et qualitate conponit" (Meg.
Lewis's message is thus very serious, comparable to Swift's in Gulliver's travels: the modern Everyman is a false artifex, leading a false art, which stands for the new true modern religion / alchemy, whose code names are selling and efficiency and profit.
And this is another strong argument in law, Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum ; for reason is the life of the law, nay the common law itselfe is nothing else but reason ; which is to be understood of an artifician perfection of reason, gotten by long study, observation, and experience, and not of every man's naturall reason ; for, Nemo nascitur artifex. This legall reason est summa ratio.
Come sottolinea Mauro Agosto, la struttura del commento tradisce, infatti, l'esistenza di un profondo legame con i commentari grammaticali prodotti e usati nell'ambito della scuola tardo-antica: la facies dell'EP e infatti quella tipica del commento perpetuo, cioe del commentario "a lemmi", che tende a spiegare il testo parola per parola, "secondo la triade ellenistica consacrata da Quintiliano (II, 14, 5): ars, artifex, opus" e che trova il suo coronamento nei commentari di tipo donatiano e serviano (33).
Nonetheless, the model that emerges is the obsolete, anachronistic one of the intellectual as artifex of his own destiny.
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Bromeliaceae Adischocyttams Pseudobombax grandiflorum Malvaceae atramentarius (Cav.) Adischocyttarus Pleurothalis riograndensis Orchidaceae artifex Barb.Rodr Adischocyttarus Siparuma cujabana (Mart.) Siparunaceae araujoi Adichocyttarus Polypodium sp.
The primacy accorded to contemplative life--a legacy of the Greco-Roman notion of otium and, partially, of an ambivalent Judeo-Christian tradition that both condemned and praised labor (i.e., Genesis 2:15 and 3:19-23; the Pauline texts in which the apostle describes himself as a laborer; the opposing figures of Cain-the-tiller of the soil and Abel-the-tender of the flocks, Rachel and Leah, Martha and Mary)--was challenged by an idea of work no longer understood as penitential atonement for the original sin, but as a form of activity that could be meritorious and therefore a means of salvation in a world where God was increasingly seen as summus artifex or opifex.
Right at the beginning, Thierry states: "Circa artem rhetoricam decem consideranda sunt: quid sit genus ipsius artis, quid ipsa ars sit, quae eius materia, quod officium, quis finis, quae partes, quae species, quod instrumentum, quis artifex, quare rhetorica vocetur." See Thierry of Chartres, The Latin Rhetorical Commentaries by Thierry of Chartres, ed.
De las multiples transformaciones que acompanaron al triunfo del trovadorismo entre los siglos XII y XIII destaca la exaltacion del poeta como artifex, que recogen diversos textos contemporaneos y que se refleja en la metafora--presente, por ejemplo, en la muy divulgada Poetria nova de Vinsauf (Calvo Revilla 2008, 134; Kelly 2004,1)--, segun la cual la escritura es como la edificacion de una casa, cuyo constructor seria el poeta (Marimon Llorca 2002, 118-122).