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There's always been a good deal of contrivance and artifice around creative businesses.
Artifice was originally published as a webcomic on Alex Woolfson's website, Yaoi 911 (from the Japanese term yaoi, meaning "Boys' Love").
At a time when literary studies is struggling, often clumsily, to find new ways of talking about form, Poetic Artifice feels remarkably vital.
If you are brave enough to deeply explore the challenges of expressing the inexpressible and venture forth where the subconscious spirit meets the conscious mastery of these performers, Angels and Artifice promises to deliver an intimate and uniquely personal in-the-moment live performance.
For example, both use the word any to describe the means for acting fraudulently or deceitfully (device, scheme, artifice, transaction, practice or course of business), though not one of these means is defined.
This fall, ABC moved its Nielson heavyweight into televisions' kingpin slot, Thursday evenings, while wincing critics sounded an alarm that Americans' fundamental understanding of nature, beauty, and artifice has changed.
Cleverly costumed with backs, shoulders, rumps, or chests distorted by huge bumps--visual reminders of their toxicity the high fliers invited to the ball kowtow to their Prince, who must renounce artifice to win the pure Cinderella.
This volumes artifice gets in the way of works that more deeply explore her themes of violence, power and death.
Artifice built upon artifice--and torn down just as quickly as it appeared.
as though to shed an uncompromising, truthful light into every corner of this strange reality' and, `that burst of light actually injects artifice, not truth' (another laugh).
Bradley was never much of an actor, and Joey was pretty much him, with no artifice, but ever since his starring role in the 1970 classic, Bradley's Joey has come to represent the archetypical English-Canadian loser in such formative essays as "Bully, Coward or Clown" by Robert Fothergill and is something of a pop-cultural legend.