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Artificers use deadly traps and explosive mines to take control over the battlefield.
Hugh Upward, 68, who was a chief artificer on the destroyer and was given the bottle of rum by Mr McCallum's family, said: "It's going to be a very emotional trip.
Peter the Great, himself a keen artificer, encouraged fireworks in his new Russian capital as part of attempts to Europeanise the country; fireworks might teach Russians classical iconography and accommodate them to the flames of war in a playful manner.
Our children are both our artifacts and the image of the artificer in its uncanniest and most intractable form; we must regard them with the same intimacy and at the same risk as we regard our redeemer - who may, even if he is entirely imagined, be our only way out of bondage.
Johnson supplants the Christian God with the artist; the writer, for Johnson, becomes the Divine Artificer.
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Chief petty officer Caddy, pictured, of Dormanstown, was acting chief weapons engineer artificer on board British destroyer HMS Coventry.
Captain John Haviland, a United Empire Loyalist, having served the British as an artificer in the American Revolution, moved from New York and settled in 1803 at Townsend Township, Norfolk County, near Brantford.
WEAPONS Engineering Artificer Craig Woodward, 18, from Llangewydd Court in Bridgend, has completed his training at HMS Raleigh.
Previous winners have included a piping designer, a weapons engineering artificer and a systems engineering manager.
I had trained as an instrument artificer, but I joined the police because I wanted a job where you didn't know what you might be dealing with from day to day," she said.
John Haviland UE, having served the British as an artificer moved from New York and settled in 1803 at Townsend Tp, Norfolk Co near Brantford.