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After the success of the artificial kidney machine in 1945, Kolff built four rotating drum kidney machines and shipped them to Western Europe, the United States and Eastern Europe.
Over the years, there have been hundreds of Total Artificial Heart designs," said Steve Langford, SynCardia's senior clinical support specialist who started with the Total Artificial Heart in 1983.
To think that we're close to an implantable artificial cornea would be stretching things," agrees ophthalmologist David G.
According to traders, artificial sets are even being bought for wedding purposes.
Talking to a shopkeeper he told that ' our business has boasted as compare to last few years, a good quality set of the artificial jewellery available at Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000.
The development of artificial intelligence is a rare opportunity for the petrochemical industry.
2) Genetically modified crops and endangered species of plants can be propagated through artificial seed technology.
McCune released her first artificial boxwood wreath for sale March 5, 2013.
Are all patients satisfied with the artificial eye?
For Smarties it meant using extracts of red cabbage, lemon, hibiscus and radish to recreate bright colours, while for Rowntree's, artificial preservatives were removed by storing manufacturing ingredients in a fridge.
It is cheap, safe and in fashion, and women feel secure to wear artificial jewellery instead of gold ornaments", he added.
7:30, pins an artificial rose to the lapel of his artificial suede jacket and heads for his carport (artificial garage).