artificial entity

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They said in a statement that 36 years have passed since the decision of the Zionist Knesset to annex the Golan to the Israeli artificial entity, adding that this decision was null and void.
absence of such a right by an artificial entity is unlikely to
In the cases of amparo actions against artificial persons of public or private law, the complaint, on the one hand, must identify both the artificial person and its representatives, and, on the other hand, can be filled directly against the natural person that represents the artificial person or against the artificial entity in itself (Brewer-Carias, 2009: 293).
The reason for the rejection of regionalisation then, as now, is although voters like local accountability they feel loyalty to England rather than any new artificial entity.
Of course, an amendment of this sort would require private actors, judges, and other government officials to draw some difficult lines about what counts as a protected artificial entity, but such line-drawing is inherent in the law, and does not strike me as qualitatively more difficult in this area than in any other.
The enemies of Morocco's territorial integrity, Fassi Fihri went on, have persevered in their attempts to mislead international public opinion by claiming the existence of an artificial entity which they called "liberated territories", keeping in mind that everyone is aware of the legal status of the area east of the berm.
2001) (holding that a university, as an artificial entity, could not assert a privacy claim for appropriation against a former employee who attached its name to his website) ; RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF TORTS 652I cmt.
02, Florida Statutes, that no consideration exists when owners of real property unencumbered by a mortgage convey an interest in such property to an artificial entity whose ownership is identical to the ownership of the real property before conveyance.
Other than the Iran factor, the Kuwaitis are worried by Iraq's Arab nationalists, many of whom have never ceased thinking that the emirate was an artificial entity created with the help of the British empire and carved out of what is today called Iraq.
In 1943, Lebanese Christians hailed Lebanon's declaration of independence as a victory of popular will over French mandate, whereas Syrians saw the new independent state as an artificial entity emerging from the mandating power after it has been "stripped off" from Syria.
Malcolm Clarke, spokesman for English group, the Football Supporters Federation, said: "We believe that such a team would be an entirely artificial entity given the existence of separate teams from each of the four countries in the UK in all other forms of international football, which is a tradition of very long standing which fans from the four countries wish to retain.
artificial entity, created from the outset on shaky and flimsy foundations and therefore doomed to self-destruction" (p.