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Whether artificial selection has changed the uniform isometric relationship in grain crop species is unclear.
Intense artificial selection contributing to racing performance on chromosome 22
The absence of genetic gain in growth characteristics could be explained by the fact that, in recent decades, most of the breeders became convinced of Gyr potential to produce milk and they performed artificial selection with the aim to improve this characteristic in their herds.
The second chapter reviews evidence for evolution, drawing from the fossil record, artificial selection, and embryology, as well as newer types of evidence such as molecular evolution and the medically relevant development of drug resistance.
honeybees used to be smaller before humans decided a bigger bee was better for honey production Now, there are indications the artificial selection may have left honeybees more susceptible to mites and the diseases they spread.
Controlled artificial selection, he thought, could and should speed up and fine-tune the development of desired characteristics in humanity, much as mankind had done in domesticating plants and animals.
Yet hybridization and artificial selection have been considered evil or dirty for reasons that I have yet to fathom.
Not content with the basic dog, humans took to artificial selection for creating races or breeds of dogs with specific appearances, behaviors, and dispositions.
Finally, humans have themselves caused dramatic evolutionary changes in domestic animals and plants as a result of artificial selection, a mechanism very similar to natural selection, but which consists of the selective breeding and selective survival of individuals with desirable genetically-based traits.
Ritchie examines Darwinian natural selection as a metaphor for social theory, recognizing the mitigating element of human artificial selection.
Artificial selection for foliar glucosinolate content did not result in a correlated response in seed weight (Stowe 1997; Stowe and Marquis, unpubl.